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The easy way to donate land.No Cost. Simple Process. Maximum Tax Deduction.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Wondering why you should donate your real estate instead of selling it? Good question.

You may think there is nothing in it for you, but that is not true! Did you know the benefits of donating your property can outweigh the benefits of selling? Here are 4 reasons to donate your real estate…

1. Maximize Tax Benefits

Often there are tax advantages to you, the donor, to donate the real estate itself instead of selling the property and donating the proceeds. In that case, you save taxes and the charity actually ends up with more proceeds than if you had sold the real estate and then donated the proceeds. Please note, PlanetEarth.Guru is not an accounting firm, and we cannot and will not give tax advice, but we will point you in the right direction and work with your tax advisor to pursue all options in helping you maximize your tax advantages concerning your donation. Please note, the easiest thing for your CPA is to tell you to gift the property; simply and clean.

2. Avoid the Process of Finding a Buyer and Navigating a Sale

Finding a buyer for your property and navigating a sale takes a lot of time. When you donate your real estate through PlanetEearth.Guru, you don’t have to deal with an allocation of time, because PlanetEearth.Guru does the work for you!

3. Save Time and Money on Rehabilitation and Renovation

Most properties given up for donation need some renovation. For this reason, many donors think they need to fix the property up, sell it, and then donate the proceeds, but this isn’t necessary with PlanetEearth.Guru! We take your property as an as-is gift for a qualified cause!

4. Impact those in Need

When you donate your un-needed property, PlanetEearth.Guru converts it into support that makes a positive impact on the world! PlanetEearth.Guru works tirelessly to educate, advocate, create and build a better balance of habitat and humanity. Sustainable-Carbon Reduced Buildings that model a smaller energy footprint enhance the health of our planet and inhabitants! Advocating CLEAN AIR, WATER & FOOD(dirt) takes vigelences and money.Your donation truly makes a difference and is a great legacy for you or a loved one.

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