Curved Architectural Structure

Not satisfied with doing nothing. Urban & Rural we are in this together!


We know the human race is smart enough and certainly caring enough to engineer the framework for for a healthy and harmonious society... as neither is possible with out the other!


 "Going Green" shouldn't mean going without. Plant Earth.Guru is committed to developing, encouraging, implementing & balancing net neutral natural resource living while improving humanity quality standard of living


Wheat Field
Wheat Field

We need your help

Let’s get started - We need your help.
Land with water source.
Planet Earth’s Farm of the Future is dependent on you. We need your help, benefactor with a strong desire to leave a legacy that will help to educate and advocate for clean sustainable farming and ranching. Promoting regenerative agriculture through a hands-on working farm that serves as a local vital educational resource. Your donation brings to life an integral part in Planet Earth’s Farm of the Future’s research, education, advocacy and outreach, and additionally serves as an comparative study of organic and chemical agriculture. 

Building & Remodeling 1 building at at time

YOU are the catalyst for change. Your donation no matter how big or small allows us to build, redesign a net neutral energy dwelling  one building at a time.  Start now in leaving the planet better than when you found it.